Look inside your printer. You will find identical or very similar cartridge part numbers to the below.

Ink cartridge refill kits. All the below printer models & cartridges are refillable with easy to follow instructions.

Request a Phone back or Enquiry to sales@ink-king.com.au for cartridge refill capacities.

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APPLE Printer Ink

Stylewriter I, II, 1200, 1500
Colour Stylewriter 1500, 2200, 2400, 2500, 4100, 4500


Apple no longer supports these machines, time to update.

BROTHER Printer Ink Refill Kits

DCP & MFC Printer Ink Cartridges.
LC- 37, 38, 39, 40, 47, 57, 67, 73, 77, 131**, 133, 135**, 137**, 139**, 231**, 233**, 235** black & colours.

NOTE ** : A chip resetter is now necessary for ongoing refilling of LC131, LC133, LC135, LC137, LC139, LC231, LC233, LC235 Brother inkjet cartridges.

"All Brother, Get A Refill Kit Quote Here"

*** If your cartridge part number starts TN or DR, you have a laser printer. Generally these type cartridges are not refillable by an end user. For genuine, and generic Brother TN & DR cartridges we recommend this site, click here for sensational lower prices, use the Quick Find Search Box.

CANON Printer Ink Refill Kits


BC02, BC03, BX3, BCI3, BC05, PGI5, BCI6, CLI8, BCI10, BCI11, BCI15, BCI16, BCI21, BCI24, BC20, BX20, BCI21, BCI24, PGI35, CLI36, PG37, CL38, PG40, CL41, PG50, CL52, BC60, BCI61, BCI62, PG520, PG510, CLI511, PG512, CL513, PGI520, CLI521, PGI525, CLI526, PG640, CL641, PG645, CL646, PGI650, CLI651, PGI670, CLI671.

Ink Refill Kits Available for Canon Printer Models - BJC, I, IP, MP, MPC, MX, MG, Pixma & S series.

NOTE : Chip Resetters now available for PGI5, CLI8, PGI520, CLI521, PGI525, CLI526 cartridges,

"All Canon, Get A Refill Kit Quote Here"

*** If your machine prefix starts Laser Shot, Imagecless, ImageRunner, LBP, OR has a cartridge part number starting EP, FX, CART , TG or GPR you need "toner" cartridges.We recommend you Click Here for Canon Toner Cartridges, Use the Quick Find Search Box.

Canon Wide Format Compatible New cartridges also now available. Click Here

DELL Printer Ink Refill Kits

Printers - 720, 725, 740, 810, 920, 922, 924, 926, 940, 942, 944, 946, 960, 962, 964, 966

"Dell Refill Kits, Get A Refill Kit Quote Here"

Dell genuine cartridges can only be purchased from Dell direct, however, if you have a Dell Laser Printer, ( their model numbers have four digits ) e.g. 1320 , We recommend AAA Cartridge Recharge who can save you a lot of money with their Compatible Dell Toner Cartridges, click here. Simply use the Quick Find Search Box.

So if you are thinking Dell laser printer toner cartridges, compatible or remanufactured, we have large savings on Dell models, E310, E514, E515, E525, H625, H815, H825, 1100, 1110, 1130n, 1133, 1135n, B1160, B1163, B1165, 1230c, 1235cn, 1250c, B1260, B1265, 1320c, 1350cnw, 1355cn, C1660, 1700, 1710, 1720, 1720dn, C1760, C1765, 1815dn, 2130cn, 2135, 2150cn, 2155cn, 2230, 2330, 2350dn, 2330dn, 2330dn, B2360, B2375, C2660, C2665, S2810, S2815, S2825, 3000cn, 3100cn, 3010, 3010cn, 3110cn, 3130cn 3115cn, C3760, C3765, 5100, 5110cn, 5130, 5200, 5210, 5230, 5310cdn., B5460, C5765dn, C7765dn, Click the link above & start saving.



HP Printer Ink Refill Kits

Most DeskJet, DesignJet, OfficeJet, Photosmart, Printer cartridges. These type cartridges can be refilled

No.'s 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 40, 41, 45, 44, 49, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 60XL, 61, 61XL, 62, 62XL, 63, 63XL, 74, 75, 78, 88, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99,100, 350, 351, 564, 564XL, 702, 901, 901XL, 920XL, 932XL, 933XL, 934XL, 935XL, 940XL, 950XL, 951XL, (970 / 971 in development)

"All HP, Get A Refill Kit Quote Here"

If you own a HP "LaserJet" printer these are toner cartridges & are no where near as simple to fill as HP ink cartridges & easily ruined. We found a site with Australia's largest selection of in stock Genuine, Compatible & Remanufactured HP Laserjet Toner Cartridge, click here. Just use the Quick Find Search Box Top Left of the page.

HP Wide Format Compatible cartridges also now available.Click Here


Most Lanier brand copiers and printer supplies now issue from Ricoh.

If you have a copier or printer model as per below this link will take you to a source of cheaper compatible cartridges.

Copiers, LP036c, LP125x, LP138c, LP235c, LP2136, LP2138c - Printers GX3000, GX3030f, GX5050, GXE3300, GXE3350n, SPC series, 220n, 221n, 222,sf, 240dn, 410dn, 411dn, 420dn, 811dn, 820dn, and SP series, 3410, 4100, 4210, 5100, 6330. Click Here. Just use the Quick Find Search Box Top Left of the page.

LEXMARK Printer Ink Refill Kits

Most Black & Colour Cartridges, 1, 14A, 15A, 17, 20, 25, 26, 27, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36XL, 37XL, 43XL, 44XL, 48, 50, 60, 82, 83.

NOTE : Lexmark have introduced a new range of cartridges that ARE NOT refillable, they do make refillable or " A" cartridges for those models.

Current ones which are not refillable include # 14, # 15, # 23, # 24, # 28, # 29, # 36, # 37, # 41, # 42 - To refill you need " A " cartridges, e.g. 23A, 24A, 28A, 29A etc.

If you want to save money on outrageously priced Lexmark laser printer cartridges, you will find great savings here.. on this recommended site.

OLIVETTI Printer Ink

JP150, JP180, JP192, JP450 - Time to update !!

PANASONIC/Panafax Printer Ink

Faxes -UF300/305/311/312/315/321/
322/332/342/4200 - Time to update !!


See Lanier section comments.


Printer Ink. SFX-P55/500 - No longer available.

SAMSUNG Printer Ink

SF330/335/341P/345TP/ 1150F, SF3000, 3100, 3150, T4000, 4100, 4200, 4220, 4500, 4700 Faxes, Msys 4700, 4800, SCX1000

M10 & M40 Cartridges - Time to update !!

*** Samung models, ML, SCX, CLP, & CLX are laser printer toner cartridges, difficult to refill. AAA Cartridge Recharge has a huge range of Compatible New cartridges on their site here.

SHARP Printer Ink

FO2150, 2550, 3700


AJT20 - ink cartridges - time to update !!

Large selection of Compatible New Copier Toners Now Available, Use Any Quote Link Above.

STAR Printer Ink

Starjet SJ-48 - No longer available.


No Longer Available.

Micromarc - Time to update !!

XEROX Printer Ink

Document Work Centre 200/300, Home Centre, Docuprint C8, M750/760 - Time to update !!

Xerox Docuprint, Phaser, Workcentre, Docucentre & ColorQube pricing, we recommend this site Click Here.

  • The average black cartridge now days requires 5 -15ml. of ink to refill depending on the make & model.
  • The average colour cartridge holds between 2 -10ml. per colour.
  • Enquire now for free refilling capacity info on your cartridge type, we promise a quick no obligation response to your enquiry.
  • Cartridge Refill Kits, Get A Quote Here. Return to Ink King Home Page.
  • Our DIY & Bulk Ink Refill prices include, instructions, injection equipment, tools & free delivery to your door ANYWHERE in Australia.
Bulk Ink 30ml 50ml 100ml 200ml 500ml 1 Litre
Black - $39 $55 $79 $130 $190
Colours - per colour $20 $30 $47 $67 $100 $165

Order Here

National Sales Office: Suite 2, 27 Fernleigh Crescent - Mooloolaba - QLD - 4557

Free Australia wide delivery on all DIY bulk ink cartridge refill kits.
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - 100% Australian Owned.


Brother ink refill kits, Canon ink refill kits, Dell ink refill kits, Epson ink refill kits, Lexmark ink refill kits, HP ink refill kits. Ink King printer ink refill kit specialists.

Printer inkjet cartridges and ink refill kits available for all these makes & models,

BROTHER, DCP135C, DCP150C, MF260C, MFC235C, DCP145C, DCP165C, DCP195C, DCP375CW, MFC250C, MFC290C, MFC295CN, MFC255CW, DCPJ125, DCPJ315W, DCPJ515W, MFCJ220, MFCJ265W, MFCJ410, MFCJ415W, DCPJ525W, DPCJ725DW, DPCJ925DW, MFCJ430W, MFCJ432W, MFCJ625DW, MFCJ825DW, DCP110C, DCP115, DCP120C, MFC210C, MFC215C, MFC3240C, MFC410CN, MFC425CN, MFC5440CN, MFC5840CN, MFC620CN, MFC640CW, FAX1840C, DCP130C, DCP330C, DCP350C, DCP540CN, DCP560CN, MFC240C, MFC440CN, MFC665CW, MFC685CW, MFC885CW, MFC3360C, MFC5460CN, MFC5860CN, FAX1360, Fax2480C, MFC465CN, DCP185C, DCP385C, DCP395CN, DCP585CW, DCP6690CW, MFC490CW, MFC790CW, MFC795CW, MFC990CW, MFC5490CW, MFC5890CN, MFC6490CW, MFC6890CDW, MFCJ615W, DCPJ525W, DPCJ725DW, DPCJ925DW, MFCJ430W, MFCJ432W, MFCJ625DW, MFCJ825DW, MFCJ5910DW, MFCJ6510DW, MFCJ6710DW, MFCJ6910DW, MFCJ6510DW, MFCJ6710DW, MFCJ6910DW.

HP DESKJET, 1000, 1010, 1050, 1500, 1510, 2000, 2050, 2130, 2510, 2540, 3000, 3050, 3630, 3920, 3940, D1360, D1460, D1520, D1560, D2360, D2460, F340, F350, F370, F380, F2100, F2120, F2179, F2180, F2235, F2275, F2280, F4185.

HP PHOTOSMART, 2410, 2510, 7150, 7260, 7450, 7550, 7660, 7760, 7960, PSC 1210, 1315, 1318, 1350, 2110, 2210, 2310, 2410, 2510, Deskjet 450, 450cbi, 450ci, 450wbt, 5160, 5550, 5650, 5652, 9600, 9650, 9680, OfficeJet 1315, 4110, 4255, 5510, 5610, 6110, B109a, B110a, B209a, B210, B901a, B8550, B8553, B8558, C309a, C310a, C410a, C5324, C5370, C5373, C5380, C8383, C5388, C5390, C5393, C5460, C6300, C6324, C6375, C6380, D5460, D5463, D5468, D7560, 7510, C4680, C4780, Envy 100, C4200, C4280, C4380, C4385, C4480, C4580, C4599, C5200, C5280, D5360, 2355, 2610, 2710, 7830, 8150, 8450, 8750, B8330, Pro B8330, Pro B8770, 2355, 2610, 2710, 7830, 8150, 8450, 8750, B8330, Pro B8330, Pro B8770, 2570, 2575, 8030, C4180, D5160.

HP OFFICEJET, 4355, PSC1402, PSC1410, J3500, J3508, J3608, J5508, J5780, J6480, Pro K550, K550dtn, K5400dn, K5400dtn, K8600, K8600dn, L7580, L7590, J4500, 4580, 4640, 4680, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500A, H470b, 6210, 7210, 7410, K7100, K7103, K7105, K7108, Pro 8000, Pro 8500, 7210, 7410, K7100, K7103, K7105, K7108, H470b, 6310, K7100, K7103, K7105, K7108, 6100, 6600, 6700, 7610, 7612, 7110, 8100, 8600, 276dw, 251dw, 8610, 8620, 8630, 2620, 4630, 5740.

HP ENVY, 4500, 4504, 5530, 5640, 7640.

HP BUSINESS INKJET, 1000, 1100, 1100dtn, 1200, 1200d, 1200dtn, 2000c, 2000cn, 2230, 2280, 2280tn, 2300, 2300dtn, 2500c, 2500cm, 2600, 2600dtn, 2800, 2800dtn, 3000, 3000d, 3000dtn, CP1700, CP1700d, Officejet 9100, 9110, 9120, 9130, K850, K850dn, Dj500.

CANON, MP140, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP470, IP1800, IP1900, IP2600, IP1200, IP1300, IP1600, IP1700, IP1800, IP1900, IP2200, IP2400, IP2600, FAX JX210P, JX510P, MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP450, MP460, MP470, MX300, MX310, MZ550, IP2700, MP240, MP250, MP270, MP280, MP282, MP480, MP490, MP492, MP495, MX300, MX310, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX350, MX360, MX376, MX496, MX410, MX420, MX436, MX456, MX476, MX496, MX516, MX526, MX536, MX700, MX715, MX726, MX850, MX860, MX870, MX885, MX895, MX926, S200SP, S200SPX, S300, S330, i250, i320, i350, i450, i470D, MP110, MP130, MPC190, MPC200, MP360, MP370, MP390, IP1000, IP1500, IP2000, BJC3000, BJC6000, BJC6200, BJC6500, i550, i560, i850, i865, i6100, i6500, IP3000, IP4000, IP4000R, IP5000, MP700, MP730, MP750, MP760, MP780, MPC100, MPC400, MPC600F, S400, S400SP, S450, S520, S530D, S600, S750, S4500, S6300, IP3600, IP4600, IP4700, MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990, Pixma MX860, MX870, IP4850, IP4950, iX6550, MG2160, MG2360, MG2460, MG2560, MG2960, MC3160, MG3260, MG3560, MG3660, MG4160, MG4260, MG5150, MG5250, MG5350, MG5460, MG5560, MG5660, MG5760, MG5765, MG6150, MG6250, MG6360, MG6460, MG6660, MG6860, MG7160, MG7560, MG8150, MG8250, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP600, MP600R, MP610, MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970, MX700, IP3300, IP3500, IP4200, IP4300, IP4500, IP5200, IP5200R, IP5300, iX4000, iX5000, MP750, MP760, MP780, S800, S820, S820D, S830D, S900, S9000, i560, i865, i950, i950D, i965, i990, i9100, i9950, IP3000, IP4000, IP4000R, IP5000, IP6000D, IP8500, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP600, MP600R, MP610, MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970, IP3300, IP3500, IP4200, IP4300, IP4500, IP5200, IP5200R, IP5300, IP6600D, IP6700D, iX4000, iX5000, PRO9000.

Genuine & Compatible Laser Printer Toner Cartridges now available for all these highly popular makes & models;

Brother, DCP9040CN, DCP9042CDN, HL4040CN, HL4050CDN, MFC9440CN, MFC9450CDN, MFC9840CDW, HL2040, HL2070N, MFC7220, MFC7420, MFC7820N, FAX 2820, FAX 2890, FAX 2920, DCP7040, HL2140, HL2142, HL2150N, HL2170W, MFC7340, MFC7440, MFC7840W, DCP7040, HL2140, HL2142, HL2150N, HL2170W, MFC7340, MFC7440, MFC7840W, DCP7060D, DCP7065DN, HL2240D, HL2242D, HL2250DN, HL2270DW, MFC7360N, MFC7362, MFC7460DN, MFC7860DW, DCP9010CN, HL3070CW, HL3040CN, HL3045CN, MFC9120CN, MFC9125CN, MFC9320CW, MFC9325CW, HL5140, HL5150D, HL5170DN, MFC8220, MFC8440, MFC8840, HL5240, HL5250DN, HL5270DN, MFC8460N, MFC8860DN, HL5340D, HL5350DN, HL5370DW, HL5380DN, MFC8880DN, MFC8890DW, MFC8370DN, DCP9055CDN, HL4150CDN, HL4570CDW, MFC9460CDN, MFC9970CDW, FAX2850, FAX8070P, MFC4800, MFC9160, MFC9180, HL1650, HL1670, HL1850, HL1870, HL5040, HL5050, HL5070, MFC8420, MFC8820D, DCP8020, DCP8025, DCP8820, and part numbers tn150, tn155, tn240, tn251, tn255, tn340, tn341, tn346, tn348, tn349, tn1070, tn2025, tn2130, tn2150, tn2230, tn2250, tn2330, tn2345, tn2350, tn3290, tn3310, tn3340, tn3360.

HP laserjet, HP Original quick reference and packaging part number ; 05A, 05X, 10A, 11A, 11X, 12A, 14A, 14X, 16A, 25X, 26A, 26X, 29X, 35A, 36A, 38A, 42A, 42X, 43X, 49A, 51A, 51X, 53A, 53X, 55A, 55X, 61X, 64A, 64X, 78A, 80A, 80X, 81A, 81X, 83A, 83X, 85A, 87A, 87X, 90A, 90X, 93A, 124A, 125A, 126A, 128A, 130A, 131A, 131X, 201A, 201X, 304A, 305A, 307A, 312A, 312X, 410A, 410X, 504A, 504X, 507A, 507X, 508A, 508X, 642A, 645A, 647A, 649X, 650A, 651A, 652A, 653A, 653X, 654X, 823A, 825A, 826A, 827A.
Also referred to in HP printer manuals as cartridge model number :
C4129X, C8061X, C8543X, C9730, C9731A, C9732A, C9733A,
CB380A, CB381A, CB382A, CB383A, CB390A, CB400A, CB401A, CB402A, CB403A, CB435A, CB436A, CB540A, CB541A, CB542A, CB543A,
CE250X, CE251A, CE251A, CE252A, CE253A, CE255A, , CE255X, CE260A, CE260X, CE261A, CE262A, CE263A, CE270A, CE271A, CE272A, CE273A, CE278A , CE285A, CE310A, CE311A, CE312A, CE313A, CE320A, CE321A, CE322A, CE323A, CE340A, CE341A, CE342A, CE343A, CE390A, CE390X, CE400A, CE400X, CE401A, CE402A, CE403A, CE410A, CE410X, CE411A, CE412A, CE413A, CE505A, CE505X, CE740A, CE741A, CE742A, CE743A,
CC530A, CC531A, CC532A, CC533A, CC364A, CC364X,
CF210A, CF210X, CF211A, CF212A, CF213A, CF214A, CF214X, CF226X, CF280A, CF280X, CF281A, CF281X, CF283A, CF283X, CF287A, CF287X, CF300A, CF301A, CF302A, CF303A, CF310A, CF311A, CF312A, CF313A, CF325X, CF226A, CF320A, CF320X, CF321A, CF322A, CF323A, CF330X, CF331X, CF332X, CF333X, CF350A, CF351A, CF352A, CF353A, CF360A, CF361A, CF362A, CF363A, CF360X, CF361X, CF362X, CF363X, CF380X, CF381A, CF382A, CF383A, CF400A, CF401A, CF402A, CF403A, CF400X, CF401X, CF402X, CF403X, CF410A, CF411A, CF412A, CF413A, CF410X, CF411XM CF412X, CF413X,
Q1338A, Q2610A, Q2612A, Q5942A, Q5942X, Q5949A, Q6000A, Q6001A, Q6002A, Q6003A, Q6511A, Q6511X, Q7516, Q7551A, Q7551X, Q7553A, Q7553X

Canon, lbp5200, MF8180C, LBP3000, LBP5000, LBP5100, LBP3300, LBP3360, LBP3460, LBP3500, LBP5360, LBP5960, MF9170c, LBP3050, LBP3100, LBP3100B, LBP3150, LBP3250, LBP3310, LBP3370, LBP5050n, LBP7200Cdn, LBP7680CX, LBP6300DN, LBP6650DN, MF5870DN, MF5980DW, LBP9100cdn, LBP7750cdn, lbp6200d, LBP6000, MF3010, LBP7018C, LBP800, LBP810, LBP1120, LBP3200, LBP1210, lbp1000, LBP2410.

Dell laser printer, E310, E310dw, E514, E514dw, E515, E515dw, E525, E525w, E525dw, H815, 1100, 1110, 1130, 1130n, 1133, 1135, 1135n, B1160, B1160w, B1163, B1163n, B1163w, B1165, 1230, 1230c, 1235, 1235cn, 1250, 1250c, B1260, B1260dn, B1265, B1265dnf, 1320, 1320c, 1350, 1350cnw, 1355, 1355cn, C1660, C1660w, 1700, 1710, 1710n, C1760, C1765, 2230, 2230d, 2130, 2130cn, 2135, 2150, 2150cn, 2150cdn, 2155, 2155cn, 2155cdn, 2330, 2330d, 2330dn, 2335, 2335d, 2335dn, 2350, 2350d, 2350dn, B2360, B2375, C2660, C2665, S2810, S2810dn, S2815, 3110, 3110CN, 3115, 3115CN, 3130, 3130cn, 3330, 3330DN, B3460, B3465, C3760, C3760dn, C3765, C3765dnf, 5110, 5110cn, 5130, 5130CDN, 5230, 5230n, 5230dn, B5460.

For the cheapest discounts, best quality, compatible and genuine laser printer toner cartridges, compare these prices, you will never buy toner cartridges anywhere else again, Brother printer toner ink cartridge, Canon toner ink cartridge, Dell toner ink cartridge, HP toner ink cartridge, Konica Minolta toner cartridge, Samsung ink toner cartridge, Fuji Xerox ink toner cartridge, Ricoh toner ink cartridge.

  • Inkjet Printer Troubleshooting information, we suggest & recommend, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark & Samsung, web sites or your printer manual.
  • Always inject ink slowly !!! Think about it ? You are forcing liquid into a confine space ( i.e. where ink once was is now void / empty filled with air.) Air needs to be displaced as you refill, this normally occurs through the refill point where you are injecting the ink. Slow & steady does the job. If it happens to bubble or froth back " do not panic " it simply means the cartridge is full, pull back upwards on the syringe & take a small amount of refill ink back into the syringe. We promise you this, shoot the syringe off like a water pistol as we have all done as kids, we guarantee you will get ink all over the place including yourself, let commonsense prevail, slow & steady does the job. For optimum print quality, whether original, compatible or refilled cartridges, we recommend you run your print head cleaning mode (see your printer manual) at least once a month. For maximum life from your printer ink cartridges, HP, Canon, Brother, Dell, Lexmark or Epson, we recommend you treat them like the petrol tank of your car, keep it topped up, avoid letting run completely dry.
  • Trade names and part numbers referred to herein are the property of the respective registered proprietors, usage of same is for customer reference purposes only. Compatible printer cartridges and bulk refill printer ink referred to herein are manufactured and sold independently of the original manufacturer. Ink refill kits are sold to refill manufacturer genuine ink cartridges only. Due to patent & copyright laws, there is a high probability that any compatible ink cartridge/s, either in your possession or sold by us, may not be able to be refilled. Accordingly, compatible ink cartridges sold by us are intended for single use only.
  • Prices quoted on this site are subject to daily exchange rate fluctuations.
    Whilst we endeavour to keep this site current, purchasers should confirm price at the time of order or enquiry.
  • Courier deliveries < internal or external > are conducted at a cost. Where a customer requests delivery to an address, private or business, and there is no response from the address < this includes doors closed, no previous arrangements or simply a private addresee whom may have been busy at the time> [ out the back, toilet, on phone etc. ] will incur a delay and more likely an additional delivery charge for recalling at the delivery address. It is not our, or external mail or couriers responsibility to ensure purchasers are on site or available at time of delivery.
  • Where customers order incorrectly or machine expires prior to delivery of goods, we may at our absolute discretion, agree to take back the goods purchased, less freight costs incurred in sending and a 20% restocking fee. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind. It is the purchasers responsibility & commonsense to immediately check all purchases received. We will not entertain claims for shortages or claimed incorrect supply of goods beyond fourteen (14) days from remittance.
  • Better prices on manufacturer genuine colour laser printer toner cartridges, we highly recommend this site AAA Cartridge Recharge .
  • In New Zealand we recommend toner cartridges and ink refill kits from, AAA Cartridge Recharge NZ
  • The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 - formerly known as the Trade Practices Act 1974 requires Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) to fullfil their warranty obligations on their products unless they can prove that any damage to the product was caused by a factor outside of their control. Should any individual or company representative make any accusations to the contrary and " will not " furnish details in writing explaining the damage that has been caused and how it was caused by a non genuine product, then they do not have the right to make any accusations against the business, supplier or products involved in the situation. The Act prohibits companies stating that customers should only use original products when other products are available that will work in the specified machine. Deceptive Practices : Where it is found that a technician or company representative deliberately makes a false or deceptive statement to a customer that a generic product has caused damage to a customers machine without providing the appropriate evidence and details in a written statement, then the injured party would be entitled to seek damages. Failure to comply with the Act can result in fines of up to $10,000,000 for companies and $500,000 for individuals. Notwithstanding protection provided by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 , Ink King's warranty policy is : In accordance with our warranty provisions, please ask the service provider to immediately supply :1. The original copy of the service report, signed by an authorised technical service person on the service providers standard report form or letterhead. Such report must clearly specify what components of the printer have failed and stating our supplied product as the sole cause of the damage or failure, specific test prints or other evidence supporting this conclusion. 2. The damaged parts 3. The cartridge/s . 4.The ink bottles sold for testing. Your service provider also has a duty of care to ensure your entitlement to warranty recourse, on the product supplied, is not voided. If the service provider cannot immediately substantiate their allegation as per the above ( 1 to 4 ), it is our opinion in such circumstances, consideration should be given to withholding or negotiating reduced payment for services rendered as your recourse to warranty from the product manufacturer will be denied. Our products will not damage your machine.
  • We will not warrant a cartridge where it is found it has been misused, improperly stored, is damaged, has been incorrectly installed, dismantled, refilled, has had fair economic value (is empty or near empty) or tampered with in anyway. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure their printer, facsimile or multi function machine is regularly cleaned & serviced. Ink cartridges are consumable items. Cartridges are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects for six months from date of purchase.
  • Printer ink cartridge refill kit, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson and HP, overnight express post delivery to QLD, Brisbane, Logan, Northern Suburbs Queensland, Southside Brisbane, Brisbane CBD & Inner Suburbs Queensland, Redcliffe, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mt. Isa, Gladstone, MacKay, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Maryborough, Roma, Beaudesert, VIC, Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Bendigo, Geelong, Ballarat, Cranbourne, Melton, Mildura, Moe, Wodonga, Sunbury, Traralgon, Frankston, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Warrnambool, NSW, Sydney, Sydney CBD, North Sydney, North Shore, Sydney Eastern Suburbs, St George, North West & Ryde, Hills Shire, Liverpool, Parramatta, Blacktown, Penrith, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Maitland, Armidale, Bathurst, Orange, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Goulburn, Lismore, Port Macquarie, Tweed Heads, Richmond, Campbelltown, Taree, Tamworth, Shoalhaven Shire, Wollongong, Nowra, Bega, WA, Perth, Perth CBD, Kwinana, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Geraldton, Albany, Broome, Busselton, SA, Adelaide, Adelaide CBD, Port Pirie, Bridgewater, Ceduna, Port Augusta, Murray Bridge, Port Lincoln, Victor Harbor, Gawler, Whyalla, Mount Gambier, ACT, Canberra, Queanbeyan, Belconnen, TAS, Hobart, Burnie, Launceston and immediate surrounding areas.

  • Terms of Trade. Prices quoted on this site are for cash / credit card customers and selected approved fourteen or thirty day from invoice accounts holders. Note, any account facility provided is from date of purchase, not end of month. Where an account customer continually abuses the approved account terms with late payment ( e.g. 60 + days ), we reserve the right to charge an increase to quoted prices on this site of 5% to compensate for funding charges incurred by us. Where account facilities are extended & the purchaser fails to comply with the approved terms, the purchaser, in consideration of being extended an account initially, agrees to indemnity Ink King against all costs, whether commission, legal fee or otherwise and particularly Minor Debt Claim lodged in the Magistrates Court, filing & bailiff services fees included incurred, and that Ink King will be entitled to charge interest for liquidated damages for late settlement at the rate of 22.8 % per annum (1.9 % per month) on all amounts that have not been paid in full until date of final settlement.

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  • MICR ink, there is no actual MICR ink, it is toner. MICR toner cartridges are utilised when printing your own cheques, you will find a large selection MICR toner cartridges at AAA Cartridge Recharge.
  • Canon, Epson Stylus Pro & HP, wide format printer guaranteed compatible ink cartridges available.